is a 100% ecological restaurant in the neighborhood of Poblenou that was born as catering service for the school KINDER. It has an experience of 15 years of ecological and healthy cooking cuisine, with a dining pedagogy of respect for the individual processes of young children. Nabibi meals are proven for years by hundreds of children who enjoy tasty and healthy meals.

As a restaurant Nabibi offers families a healthy platform to discover new products and flavors. Families have a 10% discount on all their products and services.

Our products are...

100% ecolological certified by CCPAE (without exceptions in any product)

Vegetables and fruits from local and seasonal crops (Soon organizing the purchase to a direct supplier with real guarantee of traceability and link of social responsibility between producer and consumer).

Organic meat from the Pyrenees respectful with the animals and the environment (pirinat.cat)

Fresh fish (preparing a collaboration with the El Peix al Plat Project for responsible fish consumption with non-overexploited species).

Whole and diverse cereals that provide sustainable energy, alkalinity, minerals and vitamins

Varied vegetablesin different formats every day: raw, sautéed, cooked in pieces and cooked in sauces and soups

Natural fruit and cereal desserts without added sugars to moderate the energy

“Super nutrients” of high nutritional value: sprouts, algae, chia seeds, quinoa, olive oil.

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