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We offer Camps for children from 0 to 6 years of age, both enrolled in Kinder and externally (only from 2 years old) at two times during the school year holidays: Easter and Summer.

Camps are special activities not linked to regular Kinder groups. In the groups, educators and support staff speak Catalan, Spanish, English and German; and they carry out activities according to the pedagogical line of Kinder:

  • Personalized relations with children, with a low ratio of children per adult.

  • Play and discovery activities with creative materials.

  • Learning or reinforcement of a language (Catalan, German, English and Spanish).

Recruitment for individual days and weeks

Easter Camp

Monday to Thursday before Holy Friday.


The dates for this school year would be: 15.04.2019 until 18.04.2019.

Summer Camp

Monday after San Juan (June 24th) until the beginning of September.

25.06.2019 until 30.08.2019 Summer Camp in English, German, Catalan and Spanish (different language groups).


29.07.2019 until 30.08.2019 Multilingual Camp (groups of languages in Catalan and Spanish, with support staff in English and German).

For more information
phone number:

(+34) 93 307 30 49 / 93 179 17 57

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