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Nabibi Vital Cooking

Nabibi is a 100% ecological restaurant in the neighborhood of Poblenou that was born as catering service for Montessori Kinder Barcelona schools. 


We have been producing ecological and healthy cuisine for children since 2014 and have developed a respectful and tailored dining experience for our children.


Nabibi’s tasty, healthy meals have been enjoyed by hundreds of children over the years.

“Before starting at Kinder my child had become quite a fussy eater and I was struggling to get him to try new tastes and textures. After a few week’s at Kinder, enjoying Nabibi food, my son is becoming more open and is eating a much wider variety of food. Working in partnership with his teacher, using Nabibi’s food as a tool as well as encouraging him at home to try new things has made a huge difference to him.”

- mother of a Kinder child

As a caterer, Nabibi offers families and other local educational institutions a healthy platform to discover new products and flavors.

Nabibi Vital Cooking offers a 5% discount on catering for parents of Kinder children.

Our products are...

  • 100% ecological certified by CCPAE.

  • Vegetables and fruits from local and seasonal crops.

  • Organic meat from the Pyrenees (where the provider is respectful towards the animals and the environment -

  • Fresh fish from Catalan Coast (sustainable species).

  • Whole and diverse cereals that provide sustainable energy, alkalinity, minerals and vitamins

  • Varied vegetables in different formats every day: raw, sautéed, cooked in pieces and cooked in sauces and soups.

  • Natural fruit and cereal desserts without added sugars to moderate energy.

  • Nutrients of high nutritional value: sprouts, algae, chia seeds, quinoa, olive oil.

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