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Montessori Kinder Barcelona Services

We guide each child's progress with ample respect and warmth

Extended hours and annual calendar

To reconcile work and family life we ​​offer care to your children from 8 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday throughout the year, except holidays and bridge holidays and two weeks during the Christmas holidays.

Nursery vouchers as a monthly or annual payment method (Tiquet Guardería)

We accept and manage daycare vouchers that mean an important percentage of savings for families.

Adaptation to the group according to the needs of the child and his family

We offer a process of gradual accompaniment by the family in the first weeks to achieve a smooth transition between the home and the group of children. The accompanying adult stays in the group for as long as necessary until the child connects emotionally with the educators and their group.

Pediatric telemedicine service in the classrooms

The educators are connected by video call with the pediatric emergencies team of Dr. Ruggieri from the Hospital de Nens de Barcelona for any consultation they need to perform in the moment.

Ecological catering supervised by food hygiene and health professionals (I)

The ecological restaurant Nabibi Vital Cooking in Poblenou prepares daily a fresh, healthy and balanced menu, adapted to the palate of children. Families receive online information from the daily menu and choose their child's diet according to their needs by age, food intolerance or vegan and vegetarian options.

Ecological catering supervised by food hygiene and health professionals (II)

The companies SAIA and STICSA, leaders in the sector, supervise the processes of alimentary hygiene and the monthly menus and offer talks and advice to the families on the part of a collegiate nutritionist

Complete linguistic immersion in each language

In the group, the interaction between the educators and the children is in English, German, Catalan or Spanish. All the activities are carried out in the language of the group under the premise of "Dominant, language". The exposure to each language is enough for the children to learn it at the native level. At home, it is also important that each adult speaks their first language and transmits all the richness of their own culture. Advice from Chrissy Bruce, Foundation Diverse Learning)

Public and private continuity schools

The former Kinder children continue their schooling in the public and neighborhood schools and in the international schools of Barcelona (Benjamin Franklin International School, Swiss School, German School, Hamelin, etc.) with whom there have been institutional relations for years.

Daily outdoor activities to the garden and the neighborhood and excursions

From the earliest ages the children spend part of the day in the open air, when they are babies only in the garden, then they go out every day to the neighborhood and between 3 and 6 they add weekly excursions through the city, incorporating the environment as a great learning classroom (weekly workshops of permaculture garden, circus, dance therapy and cultural activities in museums).

Classrooms completely renovated and equipped

We have air-conditioned spaces and furniture adapted to current child safety regulations

Professional pedagogical advice

The director, whom has a doctorate in pedagogy, offers families specialized advice on various situations of child and family development, schools of continuity and the multilingual situation of the family

Child and family psychologist

A psychologist, also a specialist with extensive experience in children and families, makes regular observations in the groups, advises the educators and offers consultations to families (first free session)

Online school journal of individual and group reports

Families receive an online report daily from the educators of the group and individual activities including photos of the different times of the day

Meetings of individual and group parents

The educators offer three annual meetings to their group of families and individual meetings to start and permanent follow-up

Monthly kindergarten and pedagogical presentations for families

Families receive a monthly newsletter with all the activities that we offer in Kinder and in the neighborhood and a compilation of pedagogical documents to consult

Educational talks for families

We offer monthly talks to support families in their great task of parenting: Montessori at home, how to remove diapers, education about utilizing multiple languages ​​and managing children´s aggressivity

Celebration of traditional and international festivals

In each group the specific festivals of each culture are celebrated (Castanyada, Halloween, Saint Martin, Christmas, Easter Rabbit, Sant Jordi, etc.)

Participation with free children's workshops at parties and neighborhood events

We participate in the neighborhood associations of Poblenou offering workshops with our educators

Fem barri: We contribute to the revitalization of the Poblenou neighborhood by recycling old spaces

Four of our five premises are old buildings that we have recycled, conserving the original stone and brick walls and adding the wood as an element of warmth, following the current regulations for the authorization of spaces and licenses for activities from the City Council

Kinder solidarity

We collaborate with the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital and carry out donation campaigns for specific causes

Kinder's Club Card

Registration in Kinder gives the right to the following additional services:

  • No cost: Families receive a free exclusive medical consultation service at home via video (doctivi) call and can attend the pediatric lectures at Hospital de Nens

  • Discount on Nabibi Vital Cooking for birthday cakes and all types of meals (10%)

  • Discount on space rental for birthday parties (30%)

  • Discount in shops or services for children and families in the neighborhood (NEW 2019-2020!)

Other Services

Easter and Summer Camps

We offer camps for children registered in Kinder and others (weekly hiring)

Extracurricular activities open to the neighborhood

Storytelling with a native English teacher (Tuesdays from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm in Maxi, Marià Aguiló 63).

Storytelling with a native German educator.

Healthy & Easy Dinner

We offer a take away dinners service for families with children's and adult menus complementary to the lunch menu of Kinder (Pick up in Nabibi, c / Marià Aguiló 61)

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