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Welcome letter

Dear families,


We warmly welcome you and thank you for your interest in Montessori Kinder Barcelona!


Since starting Montessori Kinder Barcelona in September 2002 we have been dedicated to creating language groups in an environment of linguistic immersion and creative, respectful and active learning for children aged from 0 to 6 years old and their families. 


Language learning from early childhood has a very special value in a city like Barcelona with its bilingual culture of Catalan and Spanish, together with the arrival of families from all over the world with a very diverse cultural and linguistic background. We want the children, who will become the adults in this city or another, to be able to communicate with people from different cultures in a respectful environment. 


We are helped by the Montessori pedagogy and other open pedagogies that put the child with his or her interests and personal rhythms in learning at the centre. We want children to be autonomous, active, curious, creative and innovative in all their learning.


We take special care of children's emotional well-being: their transition from home with their attachment figures to participation in a small group, their bonds with new adults and children, and the unique ways they understand their own reality. We want children to be able to express their emotions and needs and to empathize with those of others.


Finally, the exploration of the Poblenou neighborhood and the city of Barcelona is part of our pedagogy following the fundamentals of Reggio Emilia: real life is a great learning classroom for children and enhances their social skills. The free movement proposed by Emmi Pikler is related to the physical well-being of young children and also their healthy and sustainable nutrition. We want children to be able to connect with their environment in a sensitive way, to take care of it and make it sustainable, because the continuity of life will also depend on the well-being of the planet, now more than ever.


In the 2021-2022 school year Kinder will be 20 years old! Hundreds of children and their families have passed through our groups, many of them are still in contact with each other having managed to build important bonds for life. Kinder has been for the children from a very young age, and also for their families, a source of linguistic, multicultural, emotional, social, nutritional and ecological sensitivity.


Kinder is a community of children, families and professionals. We enjoy the development of children and their families in various situations, always with the aim of supporting them on their way by providing enriching experiences. Also for the Kinder team, working with children and families is a source of permanent learning and professional renewal.


Our language school is also a school of life. It is our contribution to a more conscious, creative, sustainable and inclusive world.


We are deeply grateful for the commitment and support of the families and all the professionals involved in the Kinder project over the last twenty years. It continues to grow day-by-day.



Board of the Multilingual Education Association

April 2021

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