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German Groups

All our German groups take place at our centre on C/Llatzeret


Aged 4 months - 2 years old


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Aged 2 - 3 years


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Juniors & Seniors

Aged 3 - 4 and 4 - 6 years old


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German immersion
for Babies & Toddlers
4 months to 6 years old



Kinder Llatzeret (c/Llatzeret, 9)

The teacher






The group enjoys a healthy breakfast together followed by an optional morning nap for smaller babies. Montessori activities in language, sensory exploration, practical life skills and art. External activities of vegetable  growing, the beach and the library.


At lunch time we learn to wash our hands, put on bibs and about healthy eating. Lunch is 100% organic and provided by Nabibi Vital Cooking.


After lunch we have a siesta, a snack and then more activities

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Spanish session


The teachers of this group are Fabiola and Camilla.

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From 4pm until 5.30pm the group will have a Spanish session with Larisa at Maxikinder.

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Hear from some of our parents about their experiences.

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German babies
German toddlers
German juniors & senior
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